Thomas Marsh is a father, husband, British Ex-pat and software maker.

Software fascinates me. I’ve been programming since I was old enough to type. Part of that was just that there wasn’t much else to do in the mid-80s, but mostly it was because I enjoyed the process so much.

My first experience with programming was Logo on a Spectrum 48k. It took 10 minutes to load from an audio tape and sometimes it just didn’t work, I couldn’t save my work, so I started from scratch every time. All you could do was move a ‘turtle’ around the screen, and choose between 4 colours of pens and draw shapes. I was hooked almost immediately.

Thinking back, Logo probably shaped my programming more than I realized as I’ve always thought of code as having a shape. From the playdough lumps of Ruby to the ridged rubber coated cogs of Java, over the abstract squares of Python, to the beautiful flowing pipes of lisps, I’ve always made heavy use of my imagination whilst building code.

Hence TailoredShapes.

As a developer I see my role as mostly weaving and modifying the ideas of others into shapes that computers can understand.